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Center Norton Toolbar in Firefox

I have a large rectangular monitor and a square monitor. I need to center the Norton Toolbar to reduce the effect of the difference in the two monitor sizes. How can I shrink the size of the toolbar? There is a lot of unused space in the toolbar.



Re: Center Norton Toolbar in Firefox

Hi, Lee. You can't reduce the size of the toolbar, but if you wish you can choose to unshow it, depending on which browser you're using.

In Firefox, click on the 3 horizontal bars top right. and select Customize.

You can then drag the toolbar down into that area, and then exit Customize.

You are still protected from malicious sites, and the safe search icons will still be available.

Hope that helps.


Re: Center Norton Toolbar in Firefox

Hello Lee

The current Toolbar for Firefox is not completed yet. More space in the Toolbar may be used up when the Toolbar is completed.


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