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This forum thread needs a solution.

cerber ransomware


   My computer is infected with cerber ransomware, today i ran norton power eraser but no luck, i need to recover my files. suggest me any solution as soon as possible.


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Re: cerber ransomware

You should contact Norton Support and ask them about the Virus Protection Promise.  www.norton.com/chat

Be aware, they may be able to remove the infection, but your best chance of getting the files back is from a backup.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: cerber ransomware

Your files are encrypted unless they are backed up. Which they should be by good practice. Here is a tool to Decryptor your files.


Here is a complete guide to removing it.



Re: cerber ransomware


Re: cerber ransomware


1st of all:

The money you pay will help the hackers to develop the next version of Cerber, to infect more computers and gain more money. 

1. Update. Ensure your operating system, built-in apps/services like Office 365 and 3rd-party programs are current. Uninstall Java, Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime and other unused (old) applications in no time.

Cerber Ransomware Hits Microsoft Office 365 Users -- trendmicro.com

Cerber 3 ransomware used the Magnitude exploit kit which aims to detect weak points in a given operating system and exploit them, thus resulting in a successful attack. -- tripwire.com

 2. Change and/or enhance your passwords: router, networking and alike.

They use all the dirty tricks in their toolkits to get a foothold in an organization’s IT environment including exploiting unpatched vulnerabilities, taking advantage of misconfigured systems and weak passwords, and of course social engineering.

Beware of any other downloaded stuff, always!

Ransomware is a malicious software that takes over a victim’s hard drive when they click on an infected advertisement, email, attachment, or website and encrypts the contents of a device – and any other connected electronics – which the hacker then demands bitcoin or cryptocurrency payments to unlock.

For related info, you may read this comment. And for complete solutions, plz view this Security Response especially the Recommendations section.

3. Backup - choose the right backup service. For instance, you may give NSBU (aka, Norton Security Premium) a try. You may also take a closer look@ one of these freebie.

Again, avoid using those risky services like this MegaBackup on the web.

Thx and good luck... :)

p.s.: which site did you visit when your PC was infected? Did you open any email attachment? Well, those info  will help with troubleshooting, proactively.

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Re: cerber ransomware

All good points 20750065 but it does not help him remove cerber or get back his files. 

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