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Chrome NTB getting harder and harder to use with many mainstream websites...

I've said it before but I think its time to say it again.  The current Norton NTB solution for Chrome is at best extreemely poor and needs to be re-thought.

It's now at a point where about a third of the mainstream websites I regularly use don't work correctly in Chrome if the NTB add-on is enabled, regardless of whether its hidden or not.

It's now become painfully obvious that as long as Norton remains unwilling to adopt Google's revised third-party add-on interfacing specifications for Chrome that this will only continue to worsen.

I would certainly hope that Norton is capable of realizing that this updated interfacing specification will not be reversed by Google simply to accommodate antiquated, substandard interfacing techniques and that persisting in thinking so is woefully naive...





Re: Chrome NTB getting harder and harder to use with many mainstream websites...

Have you participated in Tony Weiss's post here about trouble with individual web sites and Chrome?  http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/We-need-your-help-sites-that-crash-on-Chrome-with-Norton-Toolbar/m-p/1116262#U1116262

I do not think that Norton is unwilling to adopt the new Chrome extensions, but it must have been more complicated rewrite than just a minor update.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Chrome NTB getting harder and harder to use with many mainstream websites...

Thanks for the thoughts Peter,

But the answer is No - and is because the "problem websites" I use do not crash Chrome nor the Chrome NTB.  They simply fail to display well enough to be usable while the Norton add-on remains enabled.

Since the subject line of Tony's thread (to me) indicates that Norton is only interested in hearing about websites that cause full-on code crashes, I assumed it would be inappropriate to post about website rendering issues in that thread, even if said rendering issues are directly attributable to the NTB add-on.

FWIW, I have used the "problem website" reporting function within the Chrome Identity Safe add-on to report all the websites I've experienced problems with. I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that this would be considered sufficient to bring these websites to Norton's attention.

So far, of the twenty or so that I've reported only 1 seems to have been fixed - sort of ... since that fix seemingly only (auto disables?) the NTB while the site is being viewed. That site is Microsoft's OneDrive.

The other problematic Microsoft sites I've reported still remain dysfunctional as long as the Chrome NTB add-on remains enabled.

Kind regards,


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