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Chrome Version 32, Outlook.Com, and Norton ID Extension NOT Working -- Blank Page

Chrome Version: 32.0.1700.76m released

Norton ID Protect Extension: 2014.6.4.11

OS: Windows 8/7/XP

Problem  - blank page outlook.com :

If I log into my account at outlook.com (hotmail), I  get a quick  flash of my inbox and then a blank page.  

Fix -- outlook.com and chrome does not work with Norton Identify Protection extenstion enabled:

However, if I turn  off my Norton Identifiy Protection Extension v 2014.6.4.11, I can log into outlook.com and view my inbox.

Other tests:

I have not probelms with IE or FireFox and the outlook.com. In fact, Chome works with extension enabled if IE first opens outlook.com when a Chrome browser is also open.

The extension worked with Chrome V 31 and outlook.com.