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This forum thread needs a solution.


There is a golf tee time booking application called Chronogolf.

Norton sets up a password login for this that is correct but the login does not actually work.  Chronogolf says that this is because of the way Norton handles the login.

Any thoughts?



Re: Chronogolf

Hello JimBrown

I just checked out Chronogolf in Google. It shows that the site is untested. The owner of that site needs to come here and ask for the site to be rated. I didn't click on the site because it is unrated. I therefore don't know how it handles logins.

Norton doesn't set up the Form. Norton saves the username and password that you pick and saves it for you and then enters it for you when you go to the site. I don't use Identity Safe, but I believe that is how it works.


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Re: Chronogolf

Yeah, I like the way Untested always show as Safe in the Toolbar. 

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