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This forum thread needs a solution.

Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

My local HOA recently updated our cable package. It seems some people including myself are now getting subscription cancelled messages on Norton even though we still have comcast. I see this issue goes back several years and there is never a clear answer if this is a comcast problem or Norton issue. I have a Norton case open with the claim that they need comcast approval to reenable my PIN, but fear i am just getting the run around now like others have in the past. Can some one please help here? Thank you


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Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

We'll get our resident Comcast guru, @yank  on the case for you.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

Go to the following link, select your operating system and follow the instructions.


Your PIN will be shown as described in Step 3.

Remember you will be downloading the newer Norton Security Online, which requires a Norton Account to be created. if you do not aleady have a Norton Account, please see the following link:


If you already have a Norton Account, please use the email address and password you previously used.

Your situation sounds like you may be influenced by your HOA changing the cable package (especially if it changed the status of our Comcast subscription). The following information may also be useful to you:



You may also desire to go to the following link, scroll down close to the bottom of the page and select Talk to an Agent or Chat with Xfinity if you so desire.


Please keep us informed if any of this helps you.


Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

Hi yank.. thanks, but i have already been through all of this.. posting here was my absolute last resort :)

Already called comcast and they were clueless.. sent me to Norton. Norton support told me my Norton pin was disabled probably due to my HOA changing the deal of our cable package, and need 3-4 business days to contact Comcast to get my PIN re-enabled.

Since then i have fully uninstalled Norton, and tried to re-install from the internetsecurity.xfinity.com site. When i get there i sign into Nortoin with my old/existing Norton ID which is/was my yahoo email account, not my comcast one... which seems to automatically pull my previous PIN. Not sure if that PIN is tied to my Norton account or where its getting it from.actually. I dont think its pulling it from my from my PC, so it must be tied to my Norton account. AS soon as i login its telling me that my subscription is cancelled.

it seems i either need a new PIN or i need my old PIN re-enabled. Its amazing how nobody from Comcast or Norton seems to be able to explain this though. They give off the impression that they have no idea what they are doing.


Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

This is a direct download from Norton of Comcast's Norton Security Online:


I would suggest you Save it before running it.  Bear in mind that it is not the most recent version of NSO - it is version and the most recent version is  If you manage to get it installed, running Live Update until you are on will get yu to the current version.

Also since you had Norton Security Online already installed on your PC, see the following to locate your PIN:

Your PIN number is stored in Norton Security_PIN.txt in the following location:

In Windows 10/8/7/Vista: C:\Users\Users Name\My Documents\Symantec\Norton Security_PIN.txt 
In Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\Symantec\Norton Security_PIN.txt

I have seen instances in the past where Norton had to communicate with Comcast in order to reactivate a PIN.  Unfortunately I do not have the power to reactivate at Comcast, nor supply a new PIN from Norton - that is somethng that has to be worked out between them.  Usually this error occurs when there is a glitch in one data base or the other (Comcast or Norton).

Just curious - any idea what he cahnges to the "Cable Package" was made?

I will ask a Norton Admin if they can look into this in more depth!


Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

thanks.. i actually had Windows prompt me to install a Norton version for Win10 from comcast.. and it installed version

It Installed fine but still prompts to activate subscription, and then comes back asking for a PIN.. and if i enter my previous PIN it says invalid.


Re: Comcast PIN cancelled subscription

Hi @boooey

Thanks for reporting in Norton Community Forums. Please let us know if you are still issue with activation. 

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | Symantec Corporation