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This forum thread needs a solution.

Coments and cuestions about norton

I have some coments about your product, I have to tell you I feel very happy whith this. I really think norton give to users that what we want in an security solution. The 24/7 chat are wonderful. The agents are kindly and profesional. In the past i post a complain and i recive second level support and feel very good I feel i recive the best asistence. 

I recently crash my sistem testing programs and when i have to reinstall I ask me Norton or the competence? 

I see some companies who try to make money installing or removing viruses remotely (some of the competence). Norton asistence cover it for free and offer to us the virus free guarantee. I think the companies not have to ask money to remove viruses or to install and configure product. 

I have some cuestions and suggestions to you.

1.- In norton product is dificult manage quarintine I like to have one windows here i can see the quarintined items

2 What are the direrence between the pirshing protecion offered by norton dns and norton safe search? dont you think norton must have the option to changue dns?

3 What does norton insigth scan? I dont understand. It check all files on my machine and check their reputation and then exclude from full scans or quick scans? In what cases i have to use it?

4 In USA and in Spáin is easy to acces to support in forum and chat but in mexico is relative dificult . I like in norton interface a buton to run diagnostic tool, to chat whith a agent or post in forum.

5. I _I want to know what exactly check norton diagnostic tool (In interface you go to suport and norton check installation and another things ) I can not see what that tool check and i am curious The mensajes pass to quick- (Norton Security  main interface _Help and then support) .

Sorry my bad english 

I hope you take in count my suggestions and answer me especially in the cuestion number five

Happy Chrismast


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Re: Coments and cuestions about norton

Hi there,

1. If you're new to Norton Quarantine setting, you may read this KB later. Note, though, that only the admin user has the full access to Norton settings.

2. Norton DNS & Norton Safe Search

1) Norton DNS (Preferred DNS: + Alternate DNS: is also known as NortonTM ConnectSafe, which "is a free service that provides a first layer of defense by blocking unsafe sites automatically". Then, you can configure your PC (by accessing this location@ Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections in your own Windows > enter the said Norton DNS manually) by following this page.

When it comes to Norton Safe Search, plz access this page to read official information.

Norton Safe Search is Norton's secure search engine that helps protect users from visiting phishing and other risky sites that may appear in search results. It uses Norton's Safe Web technology, along with the Ask.com search engine, to rate websites according to their safety.

Somehow, it's an optional setting, you can still disable that option if you do not like Ask-based search results.

Further, Norton Safe Search has nothing to do with the traditional Ask Toolbar and/or its affiliates, such as MindSpark, MyWay Search.

3. As for Norton Insight (aka, Norton File Insight), please pay a visit to this KB for details.

Norton Insight allows the smart scanning of files on your computer. It improves the performance of Norton scans by letting you scan fewer files without compromising the security of your computer.

4. To re-visit Norton Community fast, you may bookmark this link now. And, you consider using a VPN app like HMA Pro VPN that works for your computer in case of Web-blocking. And click on this link to contact official Norton Support.

To access the said settings ("forum", " diagnostic tool" and "agent") in your Norton client, open the main graphical user interface > Help > locate the below highlighted options.

5. " check norton diagnostic tool" is Norton AutoFix, officially.

For details, plz read this KB.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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Re: Coments and cuestions about norton

1.- I found quarintine thanks but where are the option to permanently delete a file in my spanish interface says "delete history"

2.- Norton safeweb or safe search blocks same webs ?

3.- It means if i run insigth the norton normal scans will be faster? Sorry my bad english i dont understand verywell.

4.- In spanish interface not have a option to come to forum.

5.- Yeah norton autofix i read the KB but here says it only check internet conection . I read autofix does more things like check virus definitions or conflict products, am i rigth? I like to know what autofix check exactly



Re: Coments and cuestions about norton


Norton Safe Search uses the Ask Search engine. Norton Safe Web can be seen in Google, Bing and some other main search engines. They sometimes block the same sites. Safe Search doesn't give you very many sites.


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Re: Coments and cuestions about norton

I understand i stay alert of this topic i like to see what about my point number five


Re: Coments and cuestions about norton


Would you please re-try the AutoFix yourself? Then, have a CLOSE look at the entire (quick) scan process: personally once that setting is launched, AutoFix will take care of the installation of your Norton product, potential threats, and security-related items.

It(AutoFix) performs a Quick Scan of your computer and repairs problems without your intervention. 


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Re: Coments and cuestions about norton

Thanks do you know if norton autofix check compatiblitiy issues I use adguard (a webblocker like wot) because my default browser are Microsoft Edtge . I like to know if autofix detects incompatible products whith norton


Re: Coments and cuestions about norton

@Aktiff: you may set another browser as the default web tool easily. For example, you run Firefox, and follow the on-screen info to do that when you see the below "Default Browser" from FF.

Using Chrome or Firefox as the default browser will hugely enhance your internet security:

Also, you may review Microsoft's SmartScreen here

Well, I have no idea whether or not Norton AutoFix will detect incompatible security products on the market. 

Chat w/ Norton Support?


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