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COMPLAINT following DISASTEROUS remote help.

Can anybody help me please? I want to make a complaint against Norton but they do not have a complaints department - I am sure this is so it appears none of their customers have a reason to complain although, following my experience, thousands must want to each week.

My computer was not performing 'back up' so I asked for an agent to fix this problem remotely. My case no. was xxxxxxxx and the agent was called. After he took control of my computer it was soon clear from the very slow progress that he was working remotely on about 3 or 4 other computers as well as mine. He then lost the plot with my computer during which he altered the function of the J K L M O P U I keys so they came out as numbers instead of letters - which he was aware of due to my typed replies to him but he chose to do nothing about it. He then removed Norton security completely from my computer and after over two hours abandoned the connection without another word.

I depend on my computer for work and it took me a very stressful weekend to work out what to try and do since I could not types in my passwords due to the key function change or go on the internet. I found and rang an international telephone number and had to wait 50 minutes for Norton to answer. I asked to speak to a supervisor to register a complaint but this request was by passed and they said they could not help since I could not type in my passwords. I reminded Norton they caused the problem so they should fix it. They told me to contact my computer manufacturer after which the supervisor virtually told me to 'get lost'.

 With a lot of inconvenience I then had to travel to my local library and pay to use their computer to get my computer manufactures phone no. and after another 45 minute international call they very helpfully fixed the key settings problem. I again called Norton on an international number and after waiting almost one hour (surprise,surprise) before it was answered again asked to register a complaint but this was again - despite my protests, ignored. They eventually fixed the fault but did not send a follow up e mail asking them to confirm 'how well they had done'. I lost 5 working days, had a great deal od stress and don't know how much costs I incurred due to Norton's neglectful, unhelpful and uninterested agents.

So beware everyone. If your Norton product stops working - you can rely on Norton to mess up your computer big time.

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Re: COMPLAINT following DISASTEROUS remote help.

Um, not sure what you mean by "international number".  Call Norton Support offers phone number by country.
Chat with Norton Support   ---- Call Norton Support

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