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Complete/Full Backup vs Incemental Backup

I am currently running version of Norton Security with Backup and am getting really frustrated with the back up feature.
I have 2 backup sets; Main and Photo. Main backup consists of 1.6 TB of data, and Photo consists of 1.2 TB of data. Issue is that my Main Backup is taking up 3.5 TB of hard drive, while the Photo backup is correctly taking 1.2 TB of space. Both sets are set to run automatically.

I can only assume the Main backup is running a full backup each time, while the Photo is correctly running an incremental backup, but I do not see anywhere to change that setting. I even tested by changing my Main backup set to backup 'internet favorites' only, about 1mb of data. All that did was add to the size of the Main backup, not purging the files I no longer wanted backed up.

Thanks for any help on this issue.


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Re: Complete/Full Backup vs Incemental Backup

Hi BeastieKeith.

I have responded to your other post which seemed similar and was later if there is anything else the you need covered then let me know here or there...... but it might be easier to keep things in one thread (i.e. the other one).


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