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This forum thread needs a solution.

Computer taken over while playing world of warcraft.

Two times while playing world of warcraft my computer has been taken over. The person was able to take over and do anything they wanted even after I closed the game they were opening windows and typing messages.



Re: Computer taken over while playing world of warcraft.

Hello KingRatt69

Welcome to the Norton Community !

Which Norton product and version are you using please? What windows and version please? Have you brought this up in the WOW Forum and see what they say? I'm not trying to push the blame on anyone, just trying to get more background information.

Have you changed your WOW password and account? Are you using a strong password in the game and in Windows? I would recommend changing your passwords and any banking credentials you may have. I wouldn't do anything like that.

If you know which game server this player was on, you could try contacting the Admin of the server and tell him who it was and the Admin of the WOW server can ban him from the game. If you know who this person is and what his IP is or which ISP he is using, you could try contacting his ISP.


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