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This forum thread needs a solution.

Cookies being deleted despite settings

Norton Security keeps deleting all cookies (e.g. for Google settings), which is a pain as I then have to go back and set up all the site info preferences again.

I did go to Settings-Antivirus-Scans and Risks and change Tracking Cookies to 'Ask Me' but it still happens.

In fact, I really want to be able to specify the 10 or so sites where the cookies should stay, and allow any others to go.

Is this possible?


p.s. think forum search is not working, looked for 'cookies' but nothing came back



Re: Cookies being deleted despite settings

This is happening to me too, started about a month ago or maybe more. I had carefully set up those cookies I want to save and now it seems that ALL cookies are being deleted. It is a real pain to have to go back to every site I access and get the "device not recognized" message.

I have not found any solution after LOTS of reading, searching, etc.


Re: Cookies being deleted despite settings

Are you using any cleaners such as CCleaner. They can delete cookies unless you deselect the option.

Also, check your browser settings.

If you want your online login information not to be deleted by Norton scan function, you have to change the tracking cookies setting under Settings > Antivirus > Scans and Risks.

The setting Tracking Cookies Scan under Computer Scans can be set to Remove, Ignore, and Ask Me. Change it from Remove (default) to either Ignore or Ask Me  { Ignore is better in your case }    This will prevent Norton 360 from deleting your login information.

Please note as previously said, that privacy and browsing history settings of different web browsers can also interfere with how you want your online login information to be handled.

Windows 10 Home X 64

Re: Cookies being deleted despite settings

Hi, thanks for responding.

No, no CCleaner etc., just IE11 on Win7 and Norton Security (all fully updated to latest).

Have now changed setting to Ignore (Tracking Cookies) from 'Ask Me' - the last scan happened while I was away from the PC, and I'm wondering if NS ran, but on getting no response from yours truly simply defaulted to Remove on that occasion.

If that works, shall let you know (scan seems to happen rather arbitrarily).


p.s. noticed in Tasks Scheduling that 'IE Temp Files - Removes outdated files left behind by IE' is scheduled to be included in the Full System Scan'.  Not sure if this would also be responsible.

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