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This forum thread needs a solution.

Create More than One Identity Safe


iam interested to buy the Norton Security Premium Licence.

So i will use the Norton on 9 Devices included the Identidy Safe.

I need 3 Database for my wife, my dougter and me.

It is possible that everyone can use their own Identidy Safe database ?




Re: Create More than One Identity Safe

Yes they can. When setting up the vault they have to use a separate e-mail and set up a separate Norton Account.


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Re: Create More than One Identity Safe

Just to add some explanation to what Jim (PhoneMan) said.  The Online Vaults of Identity Safe are tied to a Norton Account.  You can create more than one Norton Account, as Jim stated - by using a different email address as the user name and I would expect you to use a different password for each Norton Account in order to keep the Identity Safe for each of the users secure. 

Thus with three different Norton Accounts, there can be three different Identity Safe Vaults.

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