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Custom scan not working

I want to do custom scan to scan specific external drive(s).   I also want to schedule weekly full scans of external drives on different day from the internal drive.

When I click Custom Scan and the [Go] it just goes back to the main menu.

When I click Full Scan there is no Scan menu for drive selection etc.

The program does NOT seem work the way the Manual says!!  (Yes, I DID read the F Manual....)  

The only way to scan the external drives seems to be to Right click in Explorer and select Scan now.   This is clumsy to say the least.

What gives?

PS:  Following a comment on the support page, I did the NnNR remove / install thing.  Except that it just removed Norton and did not do the reinstall after reboot!!!  The program was in task manager after reboot but totally inactive.   Does ANYTHING work here?

I just moved from another AV program and am beginning to regret my decision.



Re: Custom scan not working

By definition:

Full System Scan

Scans your computer for all types of viruses and security threats.

Full System Scan performs a deep scan of your computer to remove viruses and other security threats. It checks all boot records, files, and running processes to which the user has access. Consequently, when you run a Full System Scan with administrator privileges, it scans more files than when you run it without administrator privileges.

Custom Scan

Scans a specific file, folder, drive, or removable drive that you choose.

First of all, you can not do a "Full Scan" of External drives - that is done on the as part of the "Full  Scan" on the internal drive. If you go to Settings > Antivirus > Scans nd Risks Tab Full System Scan [Configure], you will see that items scanned are preset for Entire Computer.  

There is a Network Drives Scan option that does the following:

Network Drives Scan

Scans the network drives that are connected to your computer. Norton performs Network Drives Scan during Full System Scan. If you turn off this option, Norton does not scan network drives.

Not sure what your situation is without the proper page opening when you select Custom Scan. I see you are on Windows 7 - which Norton product are you using?


Re: Custom scan not working

Thanks for reply!

Norton Security

I sort of get what you are saying about Full Scan, "Full means Full"

I dont think Ive seen Network Scan on any menus, I'll look again.   I get the impression from the manual that after clicking [Go] on a Full scan, another screen is supposed to pop up.  It doesn't, the scan just starts right in.

Network Scan menu lets me pick the external drive(s) I want to scan?


Re: Custom scan not working

Network Drive Scan (as part of the Full Scan) is controlled with the following setting:

A "Drive Scan" is set up as a part of a Custom Scan as follows:

Next screen As follows to select Items to be scanned, Drives/Folders/Files.

After that you can go through the rest setting up the schedule and the Scan options.

Also on the Scans image above - there are EDIT options for each Scan on the right side of that screen.  The Full System Scan EDIT will provide you options for the scan such as schedule and options (run at Idle, Shut down after Scan etc.)

Hope that clarifies things.


Re: Custom scan not working

That's all well and good, BUT I DO NOT GET THE LAST SCREEN YOU SHOW IN YOUR IMAGE.  As I keep saying, when I click [Go] I get back to the main menu (screen).   This happened originally, and after a reinstall by Norton Customer Assistance.

I guess I have to go back to Norton; for some reason my version of the product ( ) is not behaving as it should.


Re: Custom scan not working

If you are referring to the drop down with the drives listed - they appear when you select Add Drives - is this where it stops working?

Accepted Solution

Re: Custom scan not working

Problem solved!  It seems there was a bad download of the current version, according to a CSR today some files were missing.  Reinstalling has now opened up the Menus I wasnt getting.

(A reinstall at a couple of days ago did not fix the problem, but today's did, Im guessing the problem was at Norton's end).

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