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Customer Support

Had occasion to contact customer support today about a problem running back-ups (which I later solved myself), and after a conversation with a female operative, was passed to a "senior technical person" (her words), who after taking control of my PC, announced that it was infected by Trojans & hackers were using my PC - then offered to fix for £99!!!  

Needles to say I declined, this sounds so much like the scam calls from India purporting to be from Microsoft.  I'm a bit miffed that a Norton customer support operative patched me through to this guy. Beware out there - and is Norton aware this is happening?

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Re: Customer Support

hi Belli

Whilst Norton do offer a service at about the price you were offered are you sure that it was actually Norton Support you contacted as I have never known Norton advise that your computer is infected before offering a service to clear the infection.

The only safe way to contact genuine Norton Support is through the Norton Account via the Norton website or your Norton product.

There are many unscrupulous organisations who purport to be support for Companies like Microsoft and Norton which can easily be confused with genuine support if not contacted through the proper channels.

This is not the standard of support I recognise from Norton over many years of availing myself of the service.



Re: Customer Support

How did you contact support?  It does sound like you may have been working with a third-party tech support company, unaffiliated with Symantec.  We are seeing a lot of cases where users thought they had reached the official Norton Support channel, but in fact had been connected with an independent tech company that depends on making a sale to stay in business.


Re: Customer Support

 Thanks for the input, and yes, I believe someone was attempting to pretend they were working for Norton. The helpline number was found on-line as when I tried to open the "open customer support" link from within 360, but it wouldn't work. Anyway, no harm done, and I'm very much wiser now!

Thanks again guys.



Re: Customer Support

Please note / bookmark official Norton support >

Chat with Norton Support   ---- Call Norton Support 

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