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This forum thread needs a solution.

"Dear Your ISP User" adware

I have been getting an irritating (and possibly dangerous?) pop-up which starts with "Dear Your ISP User".  I have run Norton Power Eraser (also Malwarebytes) and the problem seems to still be there.  I was surprised - I run Norton 360, version on a Windows 7 machine, and in general am very pleased with Norton's ability to block this kind of adware.

Have other users experienced this problem, and does Norton have a solution?

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Re: "Dear Your ISP User" adware

I have seen that in the past. The problem is probably related to a malicious ad on some site you are visiting. So it is nothing on your computer, so nothing for Norton to find.

I installed an ad blocker in my browsers that seems to have stopped this kind of redirection for me.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.
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Re: "Dear Your ISP User" adware

Desdichado:  This is what the popup looks like

Um, I see email address in your screenshot....


Re: "Dear Your ISP User" adware

Thanks!  I added the Chrome ad blocker and (fingers crossed) the popup has not recurred.  

Many thanks for the explanation - and the solution!

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