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Delete files from Quarantine

Hi, sorry for asking my question here. I am a newbie and for some reason I can't create a new thread. I have used Norton for 12 years, recently after the full system scan, there are 8 quarantine items. I ran Norton Power Eraser and it did not find anything. Does it mean my system is not affected since Norton Power Eraser did not find anything else?

I plan to delete the quarantine items (which means deleting from my system) - as discussed on the original thread, but want to ensure my system is good to use..

Many thanks for everyone's help! 



Re: Delete files from Quarantine

Items in quarantine are not accessible to anything on your computer except Norton itself. They can be left there without affecting the security of your system. If you have not noticed anything missing on your system, you can probably safely delete them from the quarantine, which will permanently remove them from your system.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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