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This forum thread needs a solution.

Deleting NOBU Sets

I have followed this thread (now closed): https://community.norton.com/en/forums/delete-online-backups-created-nor... - & have noticed that what Backups are listed in the N360 desktop program are completely different from what is shown in the Web interface at https://nobu.backup.com/. In the desktop program under Manage Backup Sets, on the Summary tab, the only backup listed in the 'Backup set name' drop-down box is 'DefaultSet'. In the Web interface, however, there are many different backups listed under 'My Devices'.

Like the Poster of the original thread above, the only options I have in the Web interface, for each backup, are 'Download a file' or 'eMail file links'. As expected, in the desktop program it will not allow me to delete the 'DefaultSet', as it says this is the only backup there is.

How should I proceed to delete the backups under My Devices in the Web interface, to free up online storage so that I can create a new backup set in the desktop program to be stored online? Currently - due to the number of backups listed in the Web interface - it reports that I am using 86% of my 90GB of storage - 25GB of free storage, plus 65GB of purchased storage. Should I follow the 'Try' option suggested by Norton Employee 'Kumar' in the original thread I mentioned above?



Re: Deleting NOBU Sets

Hi ukdeejay.

I suspect that the reason why you only see one set when you look at N360 and several when you look at the web interface is because the other backup sets were created by from a different machine or with an earlier Norton product.

If by the "Try" option you mean contacting Norton Support then that seems quite a good way to get someone to remove sets you do not need.  The Norton Chat facility is free and operates 24/7.  That should put you in touch with a Norton staff member who should be able to access the Norton servers and if you ask, remove any unwanted sets.

However you may also be able to do this yourself if you want to remove a complete set.  Try opening Windows Explorer and looking for a drive called "Norton Backup Drive".  This is a vitual drive that should show all the backup sets they you own, and can see from your current computer.  The extra online backups should show there and if you right click you should find a "delete" option.

I hope that helps.

Do let us know how you get on and feel free to ask any further questions you may have/


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