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Deleting online backup files/folders

I'm trying to delete file(s) from a previous backup. I've encountered difficulties. Here's what I've done to date:

1) Uninstall Norton 360 Premier Edition.

2) Re-install Norton 360 Premier Edition.

3) Re-establish the link between my computer and the existing online backup.

4) Navigate to the folder to be deleted in Windows Explorer via My Computer + Norton Backup Drive + backupset-name + C: + Documents and Settings + ...etc. and then point to the folder to be deleted, right-clicking, and picking Delete from the popup menu.

5) After a delay (something is happening over the Internet), I get the generic error messsage "Error: There is a backup problem. Make sure the destination drive or device is connected and then try again".

Clearly, I was able to navigate the filesystem, it is connected.

6) Restart Windows.

7) Run LiveUpdate.

8) Repeat steps 4 and 5 with a different folder(s).

9) Post this request to the Norton Forums.

Of particular interest is the fact that I have 23.3 GB of 25 GB allocated, and the folder I am trying to delete has 255MB allocated within it.

Any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

(I tried to post a .jpeg of the error message, and the forum booted my attempted post out, claiming.jpeg is not a supported filetype. I then had to re-type this post. I had a similar experience recently, and it hasn't been fixed yet. Doubly not cool).

(The underlining text effect was removed prior to posting. Triply not cool. Whose running your railroad?)



Re: Deleting online backup files/folders

I pursued this problem on the Norton Facebook page, via private Message, and was given the following instruction:

1) Create a new backup set, to backup exactly one file from the activated computer with the problem.

2) Run a backup for this new, single file, backup set.

3) Once this backup has completed, restart the computer.

4) The ability to delete files from the original backup set will have been restored. This can be accomplished via either of the following methods:

a) Navigate to My Computer + Norton Backup Drive + ... the file/folder of interest. Right-click on that file/folder. Select Delete from the pop-up menu.

b) Norton 360 Premier Edition Backup Settings + Manage Backup Sets + Where tab + Delete Backed Up Files link + ... to delete the desired file(s) from within the Norton 360 application.

Once the above operation completes, the success can be verified by visiting http://nobu.backup.com.

Thanks to the folks at Norton for their help with this problem. 

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