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Device name listed incorrectly in portal

I previously used N360 for years. Saw it was being discontinued so I bought NSWB and have downloaded it to 2 PC's and 2 smartphones so far, but had some problems when I installed W10 on the PCs. My concern now is that on the Norton website "Services" page, it shows 4 installs of NSWB but one of the installs is listed by a different name than the similar device that is shown on the "Devices" page. Also, on the one that is listed on the "Devices" page it shows N360 as the service that is installed, instead of NSWB. I am very confused.



Re: Device name listed incorrectly in portal

Hi JanCad, Welcome to the community. Name of the device which you see under "Services"-->Manage my installs for NSWB is "Computer name" of the device. You can find the computer name of your PC/laptop by going to Control Panel-->System and Security-->System. Device name in "Device" tab is based on your account first name and the operating system used in the device. You can edit that name if you want to. Please help me out with the questions below: 1. How many device do you see in "Devices" tab? 2. The device which is listed as using N360, Is it having a RED X? If it is having RED X, Pleae select the device by clicking on it. Check whether it shows N360 subscription expired. If yes, Please remove the device from the list by clicking the trash can icon at the top.

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