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different machines and ID-Safe accounts

One owner has a Cloud Vault and uses his machine.  Other owner has Local Vault and uses machine different from the other owner.  Is this a problem if the owner with the cloud vault wants to use the machine of the owner having the local vault?


Accepted Solution

Re: different machines and ID-Safe accounts

Hi g_cafe_c,

Let's make sure I have this correct:  Two different owners have two different machines and each machine has an ID Vault - one Local and one Online - let's say owner and machine #1 has only an Online Vault and user and machine #2 has only a Local Vault..  Your asking if user #1 could go on machine #2 and use his Online Vault? Correct?

User #1 could go onto machine #2, log into his Norton Account (using his email and password) and then after they are logged into their Norton Account, log into their Online Vault.  Bear in mind, user  #1 would need a means to access machine #1 so they could log into their Norton Account - as in with their own user account or using user #2 account

The Local Account would not be come into play, because each Local Account is tied to a Windows User Account, while the Online Vault is tied to an Online Vault.

I and many other users have and use both an Online and a Local Vault on our own systems.  I do not have to change Windows Users in order to use either account.

Hope I got the situation correct and answered your questions.


Re: different machines and ID-Safe accounts

Reads good as I see it.  The user with the online vault could go to another computer in the place, any computer with internet, and if Norton something is installed on the machine, the online vault person can open the Norton or the browser, signin to Norton account, and then sign into his online vault, and then use any of his login accounts stored in his online vault.

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