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Differnece between NIS and NS

After searching Norton's website and the forums I would like a detailed description of the differences between NIS 2014 and NS. I currently have NIS 2014 with Norton toolbar running on 2 machines, 1 has a local vault and the other uses cloud vault. Both are running Windows 7 Ult and Firefox 32.0.3. I'm trying to decide whether to just renew NIS or replaces with NS


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Re: Differnece between NIS and NS

Here's info on NIS http://us.norton.com/internet-security/
Here's info on NS (beta) http://us.norton.com/ns-beta
Here's a comparison chart  The New Norton <link>
Here are Product Manuals to compare <link>
NS offers 5 user/devices   NSwB offers 10 user/devices <link>
You may consider a Trial to help you decide http://us.norton.com/downloads
Please post back if you need install advice or how to retain the Local Vault
You may review the Norton Security Forum to see what others are saying
Norton Security incorporates some tuneup tools and looks more like N360
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As you have already done your due diligence research...you found no document to delineate line by line comparison.
As you are familiar with NIS a Trial of NS may be useful. 

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Re: Differnece between NIS and NS

Hi, maxbrown2000. Welcome. As bjm_ says, NS seems very similar to Norton 360 in looks.

Depending on how much time you have left on your NIS sub, I'd suggest waiting for a while before changing to NS.

I have both NIS and NS with Backup on my machines, and although you wouldn't know NS is even running under normal use, there is a problem for some users with an extended shut down time in NS.

The longest time for me was around 5 minutes, but one user has reported around 23 minutes !

Symantec are working on this issue, but I'd suggest waiting until it's fixed.

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Re: Differnece between NIS and NS


One difference between the old products (NIS) and the new products (Norton Security) is that the new products use cloud-based behavioral protections (while the older products use local-based behavioral protections). If a computer that is running the new products does not have an active internet connection (at the moment that an executable runs and exhibits suspicious behavior), then the behavioral protections cannot do their job. This presents a potential exposure. The following thread has more details on this exposure:


[just replace the <> items in the above address with their real equivalents]

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Re: Differnece between NIS and NS


No need to edit the URL, unless it's to a direct download of an executable  ;)


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Re: Differnece between NIS and NS


Whenever I have included a link (even if the link was to a post in these Symantec forums) it has taken hours (and sometimes days) for the post to get "approved" and to become visible in the thread.

I will include a link to this thread, and see how long this post takes to become visible here.



Re: Differnece between NIS and NS


Prior to this post, I submitted a post with a link (the link was to a page in these Symantec forums).

That page is awaiting approval, and since it's the weekend .... approval may take awhile ... sigh.

This post that I am typing now, will become visible in this thread immediately. Eventually, my prior post will be approved, and it will appear in this thread just before the post I am typing now.

I think that perhaps customers with a high rating in these forums (such as "Norton Fighter") can submit a post containing a link, and not have to wait for that post to get approved. However, those who have a lower rating in these forums have to wait ... and wait .... and wait ... for approval. Rumor has it that this problem may be fixed next week .... we will see.

You can find more on this issue in this thread (I am editing the URL so that this post will not have to go through the slow approval process):


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