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Do Norton key cards expire by any chance?

The "prior prior" Thanksgiving, I got an Office 365 Personal key card for $49.99 which came with a Norton Security key card as part of the deal from Amazon.com. This past St. Patrick's Day, I replaced my Dell Inspiron 5537 with a Dell Inspiron 7558 because I wanted a laptop which came preloaded with Windows 10. I could not believe resetting my old Dell Inspiron 5537 brought it back to Windows 8.0, the operating system which caused me to be so eager about Windows 10's general availability on July 29, 2015. I made sure I got the free upgrade that day, and I shared the happiness with my cousins from New Jersey! I currently have a McAfee subscription activated on my Dell Inspiron 7558, which will protect my computer up to and including May 31, 2017, assuming they don't offer to extend my subscription by a week or so as a courtesy, which they usually do when you don't renew your subscription by the expiration date. I'm quite curious to know, if I uninstall McAfee when it stops protecting my computer a week or so after May 31, 2017, would I be able to activate the free trial from Norton, and when that expires, give them the product key printed on that key card so I can take advantage? I'm a little skeptical of software key cards. Even though there was no expiration date printed on that key card, I'm worried Norton could give me trouble about how long ago that key card was printed and refuse to honor the product key as if Amazon never offered it to me as a courtesy for buying one year of Office 365 for one device for $20 less than what I would have paid for it from Microsoft! This is why I'm not taking them up on one month of free Office 365 if I enable automatic renewal, because like a lot of stuff people around the world take interest in buying and having mailed to their door, Amazon often has Office 365 key cards at a discount. Successful people hardly ever buy anything at full price, especially not software licenses! And besides everything, Norton Security doesn't support the new Edge browser which replaces Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows. Will it support it come June or July of 2017? It might, and that only becomes more likely as time progresses and Internet Explorer goes the way of Internet Explorer 6, the browser which couldn't go out of support after the standard ten years because of how much better Windows XP was compared to its successor, Windows Vista!

I've rambled on long enough. The gist of this forum post is, I need someone to make sure a Norton Security key card bought over a year ago will still work as if it just arrived in the mail today. If it won't, maybe I'll look at Norton again in, I don't know, the next five years or so.



Re: Do Norton key cards expire by any chance?

Why not uninstall McAfee and install Norton using the key you got. As far as Edge support Norton is still protecting your pc. I use Google Chrome myself which is far better then Edge or IE. There is also Firefox. The lack of support is not Norton's fault. It is Microsoft's not allowing certain extension. You should have gotten paper work or an email which told you about the key. It may or may not have been good for only a year. You can make a Norton account and enter the key into your account. It will then tell you how many days are left or if it is expired. Or you can call Norton support and give them the key to see if it is still valid. Nothing wrong with key cards. it is how things are done now a days since most pc's do not have CD drive. Basically in a nutshell you want to know if your free key is still valid. Skipping over the lengthy post. Lol



Re: Do Norton key cards expire by any chance?

Hello Thomas

When you do contact Norton Support, you can also ask them if the key is still good, ask them how many devices the key is good for also.


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Re: Do Norton key cards expire by any chance?

I realise this is about Enterprise software, but I don't think McAfee came out of this looking too good !


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Re: Do Norton key cards expire by any chance?

@Thomas J. Seymour:

1. McAfee-related info

You can count me in: I could still download riskware when enabling McAfee SiteAdvisor. Worse, (McAfee) Secure Search remained even after I used the official McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool (MCPR).

Just keep in mind that, you must use the said MCPR to uninstall your McAfee before you install Norton product.

2. Compatibility of Norton Toolbar and Norton Identity Safe with Microsoft Edge browser

Norton Security doesn't support the new Edge browser

You may review this official KB and, get recent info from this thread. And, keep an eye on the below page@ MS.

Personally, Edge is not that good. You had better set Chrome and/or Firefox as your default web app (hit here for related tips) and, keep 'em up-to-date, always. 

3. Norton product key

Plz read the below pages for more info:

  • To find your Norton product key, read this;
  • If your Norton product shows an incorrect subscription date, read this and,
  • If your product key has expired, read this.

4. Windows XP

You may try applying this unofficial patch, so-called XP SP4, at your own risk.

or, you use that system as a backup. Or, you can even install/use the old XP on a virtual machine, such as VMware Station or, simply VirtualBox.

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX...

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