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Does your norton detect this file?

Hi , i checked a malware in virustotal and that say Symantec detected.

well i checked that file with my norton security deluxe and result: not detected !

SHA256 : 07bed9baa42996bded75dacf5c2611ba5d3a3f19b8588ea734530f74c2586087

Virustotal : https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/07bed9baa42996bded75dacf5c2611ba5d3a3...

Malware download link : [removed]

so just my norton cant detect this?

thanks .


Accepted Solution

Re: Does your norton detect this file?


Here is Norton's write-up about this malware.


That page shows that it was last updated on March 2, 2016. Perhaps you have a newer version of the malware.

You can use the 2nd url on this Macro I am going to give you to send your version of the malware to Symantec so that they can analyze it and adjust their definitions.

Please use this link if you think that a file is a false positive:

If there is a possibility that the file might be infected, please submit it to Symantec using this link:


Another alternative which is fast you can use Virus Total




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