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Don't understand Norton Safe Search results

A friend sent me a link to a Breast Cancer funding site and I copied the link and used Safe Search to try it.  It came back with 3 "results" that make no sense to me.  What is this telling me?  I entered the ...greatergood.me... url and Safe Search returned what's below that.  I'll assume the site I was given is not a good site, but the Norton search results are baffling.

Web Results

News Results for http://greatergood.me/2qNPfD1

http://www.ftiecla.com · ArabNewsNetwork.asia · 11 hours ago

http://www.technoinfoweb.com/ · PostThereFree · 7 hours ago

Moto C, Moto G5 available Offline in India · MSN News US · 15 hours ago

news.ask.com · More news articles »



Re: Don't understand Norton Safe Search results


You will get better results using Google assuming your link is good.


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Re: Don't understand Norton Safe Search results

Unless you are a search master, you will always find results that leave you scratching your head. I do not think it is anything specific to the Safe Search feature.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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