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Downloading Norton Security

Hello, Please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place. I received an e-mail from Norton tonight asking me if I wanted to add Norton Security to my existing account. I purchased Norton's Anti-Virus about six months ago and the email said it was just an added feature to my Anti-Virus with no charge. So after it finished  downloading Norton Security it said that to activate I needed to enter my product code which I interpreted to mean the product code for the Anti-Virus. I have no idea how to find that code, can anyone help me with this? Thank You

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Re: Downloading Norton Security

Hello Scorpio012

Are you sure that the email came from Symantec/Norton?


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Re: Downloading Norton Security

Hi Scorpio012,

If you are sure the email was legit - have a look here for info on locating your product key.

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