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Dropbox app

Having issued trying to download the Dropbox app on my laptop after I have installed NORTON.   What are the settings I have to change to use Dropbox?  It gives me an error that states "your current settings do not allow for this download"   

I have windows 7 and using internet explorer when trying to download the app




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Re: Dropbox app

This is not an Norton issue. That is a restrictions in Internet Explorer. You are better off using Google Chrome to surf the internet. But here is how you fix it. 

a.    Open Internet Explorer.

b.    Click Tools and then options.

c.    Click on the security tab.

d.    Select the Internet Zone.

e.    Click on the Custom Level Button and then scroll down to Download.

f.     Make sure to enable File download.

g.    Click Apply and Ok

h.    Restart Internet Explorer and check if that helps.



Re: Dropbox app

@Robert C Speckert:

Just to clarify, are you still facing similar alert from your IE? Can U d/l other application in IE?

And, can you d/l Dropbox using Firefox/Chrome? If so, you may also try resetting your IE to its default configurations. This option too helps restore your homepage if needed.


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