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This forum thread needs a solution.

e-mail attachment

Recently my computer will not allow me to open e-mail attachments from a no-reply site which I use. I have Norton security anti virus program. Can anyone help me out.


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Re: e-mail attachment

Your computer would not allow you? Is this web based email or Outlook based? What is the attachment? Do you know the sender? Did Norton pop up with an alert or was it a Windows UAC alert? Can you provide more info along with a screen shot? Thanks. 



Re: e-mail attachment


Have you seen any note/alert, saying Security is set to prevent opening of attachments? 

Or you may need to simply advise the name of the e-mail program you are using.

This sounds like it may be the email client setting causing the problem.

 For more help, plz chat w/ Norton Support here.

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