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E-mails saying I'm not protected?

Hello, I apologize if I'm posting this to the wrong thread, I'm new here. Before I purchased the Norton Anti-virus, I had signed up for a trial version and after the thirty days I went ahead and bought it, but now I'm receiving daily e-mails warning me that I'm not protected. I'm afraid that someone at Norton has seen that the trial version is over, but doesn't know that I had bought their Anti-Virus and that's why they keep sending me these warnings. I tried using the Chat line, but rather than tell me if I'm indeed protected they want to gain remote access to my computer. One chat line operator had control of my computer for well over an hour and never did tell me if I was protected with their Anti-Virus! can anyone give me any suggestions on out to remedy my problem? Do they have an e-mail address I could use? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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Re: E-mails saying I'm not protected?

What link did you use to get to the chat that accessed your computer? Official Norton Chat can be found at   www.norton.com/chat

Did you enter your product key into your Norton product to activate the paid version?

As long as it was a legitimate Norton Support chat, the emails should stop within 30 days.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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