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This forum thread needs a solution.


Received Norton warning that outgoing traffic was excessive and ran an NPE scan, fixed errors, everything looked good. But when I had to restart the computer, it displayed a message "ElevatedAppBroker.exe. is preventing restarting", I can't find any info on the app in Task Manager, Windows 10 support, or anything else on the net. Since I never saw it before, could this be the reason for the Norton warning and has anyone else seen this app?



Re: ElevatedAppBroker.EXE

Hi Queler:

Does the error point to "ElevatedAppBroker.exe" or "Elevated AppBroker.exe" (with a space)?  I ran a quick Google search and like you, I couldn't find any information on an executable called "ElevatedAppBroker.exe".

The Norton Power Eraser (NPE) is a very aggressive scanner that was designed to be used as a rescue tool in emergency situations when your operating system becomes unstable or you believe you have deeply embedded malware that cannot be detected by a standard antivirus / anti-malware scan.  The NPE is prone to false positive detections and can sometimes remove important system files (see Larry_A's thread Ran NPE and Now Computer Won't Boot to Windows for one example), and multiple users recently report that their Dell Support Assistant was corrupted after NPE incorrectly removed the Intel Network Adapter Diagnostic Driver iqvw64e.sys.  As SendOfJive noted in Clavin5's thread iqvw64e.sys Identified as a Threat:

"One thing to keep in mind is that NPE does not positively detect known malware - that is the job of your regular Norton Security product.  NPE instead looks for files that might warrant investigation if you suspect that you are infected and regular scans come up clean.  NPE will flag many legitimate files, so never assume that what NPE finds is truly malicious."

Please see further comments about NPE in PremiumNortonUser's thread Very Confused as to What Has Happened.  This user was unable to connect to the Windows App Store after running the NPE and there are hints in that thread on how to view your NPE scan log and restore a fix to undo a previous "repair" of the NPE.  There are also instructions in that thread for uploading suspicious files to VirusTotal.com for scanning by 60+ popular antivirus engines,  as well as suggestions for using Malwarebytes Free for running second-opinion scans to look for malware and PUPs (potentially unwanted programs like browser hijackers, adware, etc.) that might be missed by a Norton Full System scan.

If you can't find any specific details about your excessive outbound traffic in your Norton security history (Security | History | Firewall Activity or check your Recent History) such as the name of the executable file or IP address of the target server then a Malwarebytes scan might be able to find the agent responsible for this activity.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.1.8

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