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email links disabled - Why?

Yesterday, I installed Norton Safe Web and turned on the option " Identify unsafe links in Webmail, Facebook, and Twitter".

Today, I find out that links received in my e-mails are disabled.  There is no pop up warning to indicate that any link is seen as dangerous.  So why are they being disabled.  When I turned off this feature, these links all started working again.  Why?

I use Firefox and Thunderbird as my default applications.



Re: email links disabled - Why?

Link Guard offers protection from unsafe hyperlinks when you access them in your web browsers. It looks for the reputation of the URL's that appear in your emails and social media pages. If any URL is found suspicious, Link Guard warns before you open the website or before sharing the URL with your family and friends.

On finding the suspicious URL's, Link Guard highlights them in red and the pop-up appears over the suspicious URL.


Link Guard works for me in Firefox webmail (Gmail - Yahoo  Outlook).
I don't know about Thunderbird. 

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