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This forum thread needs a solution.

Email from Norton@secure.norton.com Fails Gmail Security

Why do Norton emails fail security tests and end up in my Gmail Spam folder??

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Re: Email from Norton@secure.norton.com Fails Gmail Security

Hello Garry. Check your spam filters for G-mail. Here is an article that will explain what emails from Norton are legit: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v71088498_EndUserProfile_en_us


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Re: Email from Norton@secure.norton.com Fails Gmail Security

SoulAsylum,  Appreciate your response, however from the link provided, it seems that emails could be sent from a large number of different Norton or Symantec email addresses.  Do I have to physically enter every address into a "Never send to Spam" filter in Gmail or is there another way?

Gmail Help appears to indicate that this message was identified under the category "Messages from an unconfirmed sender".  These seems odd considering it came from Norton.  Even your response from noreply@nortoncommunity.symantec.com ended up in the Spam folder.

I have not previously added or changed any Gmail spam filters and mostly the emails that end up in the spam folder are obviously spam.  In the case of Norton emails, they look legit, so why would they trigger the default Gmail spam filter?

Any other ideas that might specifically relate to Gmail's treatment of Norton addresses?

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