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Error eliminating Suspicious.Cloud.9

Since yesterday Norton has been warning me about a Suspicious.Cloud.9 in the DVD/CD in I:\. There are two problems with this. First, it states that there has been an error in the deletion  and that I have to remove de CD/DVD and do the scan again; this leads me to the second problem. I use MagiDisc to mount CD images. I unmounted the image in I:\, ran the scan again and got the same alert. Deleted the I:\ "emulator", still the same alert. I ran the Power Eraser, but it didn't find anything. Right now I'm running a full scan, but probably it will display the same alert. What do I do to remove this threat? 



Re: Error eliminating Suspicious.Cloud.9

It's going to continue to warn you if it is the list of "unresolved" risks.  Check that section under history and if is listed you need to delete that entry.

As for the actual problem, Norton, nor any other AV that I know of can't remove a risk from a ISO file because it is not capable of "remastering" the ISO.  It's not like deleting a file from a folder, an ISO is in a CD\DVD format and not your normal windows file format.

I use UltraISO and that can add, delete, or change files and then rebuild or remaster everything back into a working ISO.  I don't know if the tool your using can do that.  Another option would be to extract everything from the ISO, delete the bad file and then manually remake it into an ISO using something like IMGburn or another free tool. (Or burn everything to a DVD and make another  ISO out of it).


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