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Error ID (FE72B1CA-E189-44DC-9A04-09081968D72E)

I seem to be having problems with my NSS installation on Windows 7. Can you please tell me how to repair the problem attached? Does it require re-installing the software? Often I have 2 NSS Icons in my tray. 

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Re: Error ID (FE72B1CA-E189-44DC-9A04-09081968D72E)


Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

Please wait for yank to come online as he is our expert NSS person who will be able to help you.

Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.
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Re: Error ID (FE72B1CA-E189-44DC-9A04-09081968D72E)

Have you noticed any errors happening while using your computer? The image you posted is from your Security History. Often there are things reported there that the user will not notice in their daily use of the computer.

The history is for helping with troubleshooting. We often advise users to ignore the history unless you are having a problem with your product.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Error ID (FE72B1CA-E189-44DC-9A04-09081968D72E)

I totally agree with peterweb and we see similar reports on other Norton products.  I do want to thank you as you got me to look in my Norton Error Reporting History for the first time in many months.

Unless there is a problem, I very seldom look in history and as many of us have said in the past,  we look at the green checkmark in the system tray and smile knowing that Norton is on guard looking after us!    I'm sure someone will refute that, but it is a basic rule of thumb.

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