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Exterior Hard Drive back up

My computer backs up every night to an exterior hard drive.  I never had a problem until I left for vacation for one week.  I closed down the computer.  When I returned Norton needed for me to run the back up but only 3% was completed.  It said that I have 2.98 MB free of 298GB.  I delete tons of stuff I did not need on both the C drive and E drive.  It still will not back up.  My question is:  Should I delete everything on the exterior hard drive and start from scratch.



Re: Exterior Hard Drive back up

Hi dblackshaw,

I apologize for not replying sooner.  There were some recent updates to Norton products which have occurred while you were away.

I would run Live Update and restart the computer.  Make sure your Norton product is at the current version (

Once the product is up to date, try manually running the backup again.

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