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Extra storage space puchased and online back up now fails

After 1 year of succesful online back up usage, I've just paid to increase the storage space from 25GB to 75GB and the back up will not work: Error A2277.  Having incrementally backed up (added different file types in Settings) I think their may be an error in pictures.  But why? This was not a problem until I bought the extra storage space.  Now I can't back up and when I phone the helpline I'm placed on never ending hold. Can somebody help this longstanding norton customer?


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Re: Extra storage space puchased and online back up now fails


The 2277 error means it was unable to read a file. The likely scenario is there is a system file selected which is always in use. The backup service has utilize shadow backup technology but some files, such as system files, cannot be closed to permit a backup. It's not an error to worry about too much at the moment. Have you reached support via phone as of yet?

If no you can also try chat at www.norton.com/chat. If there are still issues shoot me a private message with all of your specifics including your Norton account email address and I'll see what I can find out for you.

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