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This forum thread needs a solution.

Fail to update process update


Tried once more to update my Norton product but this time my anti malware program stopped the process update displaying the following message:

Is Norton download corrupted?

Problem started after System restore.

Tried re-installing Norton security with backup.Removed with leaving settings,

Worked for 24 hours now same error again.

Fails to update process update.

Got this message as detail:

Norton Security
8920, 216
BucketID: 847F17BF
Windows 7 Home Premium
Norton Autofix Results: 0 item(s)

Any advise would be appreciated



Re: Fail to update process update

Running two or more real-time antivirus programs is a no-no.  Pick one and completely uninstall the other.  Conflicts like this are only one of the problems that can result from running more than one AV product.


Re: Fail to update process update

Hello MFS

Please post updates in your original thread.


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Re: Fail to update process update

After Emisoft removed that 'Malware' file, Norton update seems to be working fine now.

Emisoft anti malware is not an anti virus but an anti malware program have been using both for years never had any conflict between them, first time ever it interfered with Norton.


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Re: Fail to update process update


Posted 14 November 2015 - 09:16 PM:  The thing with compatibility is that it outright blocks a whole bunch of features we would like to add. That is why we no longer recommend using EAM alongside any other AV software. At the moment we are still compatible with pretty much all of them and if we can easily work around a conflict we will still do so. However, we no longer consider a degradation of compatibility a blocker for new features.



Re: Fail to update process update

Thank you for the info.

Will keep this in mind.


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