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Fake Websites Please be aware


I would like to bring this in notice to Norton product Users and development team of Norton that I found few websites which clearly claim themselves to be Norton and the URLs are 


This URL is being published and advertised online [removed] and they are giving us the link to click on activate, once a user clicks on activate it takes them to this URL [removed] which then gives them their Toll free number and rest of the details or else you wont be able to identify that this is not an original website of Norton.

If we talk about this URL [removed]

Click anywhere on this website you will be redirected to a page [removed] which says its under construction and please call this Toll free mentioned on that website.

Publishing in a positive manner is okay but claiming themselves to be particular brand is a big crime. I am not sure if Norton itself as a company will be taking any legal action or not but I though being a responsible user to report this.