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False positives on reputation information


I had to rebuild my PC recently, and reinstall Norton Security. It's been working fine except for one aspect. Each time I download an app or executable, I receive a warning that there is no reputation information for the downloaded file, even though all of them have been kosher installation files for stuff like Rapport, Chrome etc.

I'm running Win 10 Pro on a Dell XPS8700. All system software is up to date.

It's a pain to get so many false positives. Yes, I know I can turn off the feature but then I'd be stopping Norton doing what it's there to do.

I have a feeling that something is not 100% right about my Norton installation, although I can't see how. An alternative thought is that my internet has been slow and Norton has had trouble doing a real-time check on a program's security status and thus defaults to the warning instead.

Any thoughts ?




Re: False positives on reputation information


Have you disabled Fast Startup? That has been known to cause issues. If you have turned it off previously, it is possible that the major updates could have turned it back on. Updates such as the Fall Update. So please check your Norton Settings to make sure they are the way you want them.

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