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FAQs - Norton Toolbar compatibility issues with Firefox 42


1. Why doesn’t the toolbar work on Firefox 42?  Why did my vault button disappear?

Using our latest update, our toolbar does work with current versions of Firefox and provides key web protection functionality (Norton SafeWeb, Norton SafeSearch, Norton Antiphishing) to help keep you safe while browsing online. With this update, you do not have auto-filling of your saved logins or other vault data, or ability to view your logins in the Firefox toolbar.  Your vault data remained intact following this update – see the FAQ for workarounds for how to access and use your data.

As we previously announced, Firefox removed support for binary XP-COM APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that Norton was using to secure the communication between the Norton product and the Norton extension for Firefox. We chose to prioritize delivery of protection features first with our latest update.

In doing the initial extension development, the plan to rewrite and focus on web protection could not maintain the existing Vault functionality. The option to develop, certify, and maintain a mixture of new and legacy functionality (web protection and Vault data features) was carefully considered but judged to be unsustainable for future releases. This lead to our decision that the product and extension update supplying web protection capabilities should be delivered to all systems. This update ended up removing previously-functioning Vault features running on the older extension.

2. Why is it taking so long to add the compatibility?

We want to build long-lasting, well-supported Firefox extensions and several large changes by Firefox affect our plans. There is no direct and simple replacement of the binary XP-COM capabilities removed by Firefox, requiring a complete rewrite. We are taking a careful approach to rebuilding this capability for Firefox and have to evaluate how to provide adequate security for your Vault data.

In addition, Firefox has changes underway for multiprocess architecture (their Electrolysis project) and introduction of a new WebExtensions API that we must take into consideration in our work. We are evaluating the impact of these works-in-progress by Firefox with the goal of delivering a release that will have strong security, highly compatible and well-supported by future versions of Firefox.

3. When will we fully support Firefox?

We will keep you updated on our progress, but will not be releasing any significant feature updates for the next several months – with this outlook in mind, we strongly urge customers to consider a workaround.

4. What are the workarounds to access and use my Vault data?

In the meantime please consider one of the following alternative browsers that Norton supports today:

  • Use Norton Identity Safe mobile apps (iOS and Android) to quickly and safely access your vault data. (app downloads are available at https://identitysafe.norton.com)
  • Use Internet Explorer
  • Use Google Chrome
  • Open the Identity Safe UI available within the Norton Security client and copy paste your logins and passwords.
  • Login into identitysafe.norton.com and copy paste your logins and passwords from Identity Safe’s web portal.

5. Why does Firefox show the message “Norton Identity Safe could not be verified for use in Firefox. Proceed with caution”?

Firefox has introduced a policy requiring all extensions to be signed in order for them to be installable in Release and Beta versions of Firefox. The initial treatment of unsigned extensions is for Firefox to show this warning message.
We are working with Mozilla to get our Norton extension signed. Until a Norton product update is released with the signed extension, you will see this warning message in the Firefox Extension page. The warning has no impact on any functionalities of the Norton Toolbar.

Sunil_GA | Norton Forums Administrator | NortonLifeLock