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Feature request: Scan of GPU memory


Reports/news indicates that new threats and future malicious software will be able to execute and run from the GPU (graphic card) memory area. Todays antivirus software does not scan and protect from this new kind of behaviour. Is there any plans to add protection in future Norton Security so that these threats can be detected?

One related article:

http :  / / arstechnica . com /  security/2015/05/   gpu-based-rootkit-and-keylogger-offer-superior-stealth-and-computing-power/


Accepted Solution

Re: Feature request: Scan of GPU memory

Hello Göran Andersson

Welcome to the Norton Community Forum

We have a section of the main Forum for Product Suggestions. Can you please post your suggestion in that area? Thanks.

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Re: Feature request: Scan of GPU memory

Thank you, and I will do that.

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