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This forum thread needs a solution.

Feedback option Password Manager gone?

In the past there was a 'feedback' option in the Password Manager (previously called Identify Safe)

[Removed]. (this image is not my own; I found it on a website and this is how it indeed looked at this browser in the past).

Can't find that option anymore. See second image:

Now: No feedback option image

(1) What is the rationale of removing the Feedback option?

(2) Where do we report URLs/forms where Norton Password Manager does not capture/fill in credentials?

I've asked norton chat (usually very good, but this time very bad exprience), which gave me this URL:

http :// security . symantec . com/pfb/pFeedback_form.aspx?pfb=go&products=idsafe&lnk=go&url=

The link worked at the time  (March 14 this year), but not anymore. I think the feedback option was great: it would ask you the problem (not capture credentials, not fill in credentials, and get the URL), so the Norton team could make sure that the pwd mgr kept working fine for any site.

I have searched on the web, on this forum, but not found any solution.



Re: Feedback option Password Manager gone?

Hi Mike4,

Sorry for the issue you are facing.

We are currently working to build a new feedback experience.

Will update the thread once feedback option is added back.


Re: Feedback option Password Manager gone?

Viveksu, thank you for the swift reply. Good to know that it is confirmed that it is indeed gone for the time being. And even better to know that something new is coming. Looking forward to it!

If you could let it know here as soon as it is available, thank you!


Re: Feedback option Password Manager gone?

I am a bit fed up because I can't get on any sites of which the pass words were saved now they are all blank on the new pass word manager now I have to contact various banks and building societies to get the account numbers of the sites I have been dealing with 

Cheers Dick Thompson

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