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Files Cannot Be Restored

I recently had my computer returned to factory settings. I backed up all my stuff on my external HDD through Norton. I tried restoring my data last night and was only able to restore an older set. I noticed I have to sets of backup. I accessed the other set through Norton Backup Drive on my This PC area and tried to restore the newer backup sets through there. However, I always get a message saying some files couldn't be restored and it shows me a list. Basically nothing gets restored. I tried restoring the sets through Norton as well but it does the same thing except Norton stops working. I also tried viewing the files on the external HDD and I keep getting a message saying I don't have permission to view the files. I'm the admin of the computer. Could this be why the files are not able to restore? I had a tech help me yesterday but they couldn't figure it out so they told me a higher up would call me within 24 hours. I haven't received the call yet. Can anyone help?



Re: Files Cannot Be Restored

I'm having a similar problem.  I can see files in the backup sets using Norton 360.  I select them and then click on Restore.  It says "Some files could not be restored".  My backup sets are on an external HDD.  I really need those files.  Can anyone help?

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