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This forum thread needs a solution.


recently, I started having problems with my browser(s) being hijacked. I traced the problem to a program named findingdiscount.exe. The symptoms displayed were:

A browser would be randomly launched with a  page that says

ALERT: This verificaion must be completed before 10/1/2015 to prevent possivble account suspension!

yourverification has not been fully completed. please select an option below.

set ads preference YES ads NO ads

if you select either option it takes you to a random website. My understanding is that this is somehow related to Google's targeted ads system. I got rid of it by deleting the file and searching the registry for all occurrences of it and deleting them.  NORTON didn't find this malware. neither did Kaspersky KVRT.exe.  Not sure how I picked it up but several post on the web indicate it might come from using Google search, i couldntverify the accuracy of that.



Re: findingdiscount.exe

I meant findingdiscount.exe


Re: findingdiscount.exe

Hello dlthompson471

I would recommend that you stop by one of the recommended free malware removal sites and make sure all the malware has been removed.

Please see this link for an up to date description of these sites plus the addition of a newly listed site formed by one of our successful malware remover users. The new site is listed first in this link.


Please come back and let us know how you made out.



Success always occurs in private and failure in full view. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit Norton Core Security Plus Core Firmware 282 I E 11 Chrome latest version.

Re: findingdiscount.exe

There has to be an easier way to get rid of "Findingdiscount.exe"


Re: findingdiscount.exe

hi Michaeltxz71

The problem you have is usually caused by a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) often included with a legitimate program download. I found something similar on my sisters laptop which was downloaded with Google Chrome, I guess her daughter downloaded it and didn't untick/uncheck the boxes which appear during the download/installation. There were two other PUP's included.

Luckily, I use Revo Uninstaller a program which looks for any registry entries left behind after a normal uninstall, it managed to find everything and my sister has had no problem since.

Security Companies have differing policies when dealing with PUP's, Norton will not alert you nor remove them unless malicious whereas Malwarebytes will usually uninstall most PUP's and campaign fairly strongly against such software being included.

It is often best for the majority of users to visit one of the sites suggested by Floplotso that the risk is completely removed.


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