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Firefox 41 & Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe

Norton's announcement says a compatible Firefox 41 extension won't be available until the end of October- this is just Ridiculous.

Why do you think Firefox puts out beta versions for testing?  So companies like Norton have time to do any re-programming for extensions by the final release date.

I'd prefer not to use Chrome or IE for my Identity Safe, or go through the cumbersome process of accessing it on Norton's site and copying and pasting passwords.  To not apply the Firefox 41 update puts security at risk so it isn't a solution.

This issue reminds me of the last NAV update debacle with all of it's problems in that Norton just didn't take the time or devote the resources to adequately prepare and test before a new release.



Re: Firefox 41 & Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe


I have replied to your other post.

The ID Safe will not be ready in October, sorry to say.

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Re: Firefox 41 & Norton Toolbar / Norton Identity Safe


I don't like it as well as ID Safe, but have installed KeePass and the KeeFox plugin in Firefox.  It is a workable solution for me until ID Safe is ready again.  You can export your IDS logins in CSV format then import them in to KeePass.

There are a other options, but this is the only one I saw that lets me keep a local vault as opposed to having my logins in the cloud.

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