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Firefox 46 - Is it fine to update?

I read somewhere that this last Firefox version 46 terribly slows down your system.

I am now with Firefox 45.0.2 and I am being prompted to update to Firefox 46. I am using Norton Security Premium and my system works on Windows 10, version 1511, build 10586.218.

Is it fine to go ahead with this update immediately or would it be wiser to go in a wait and see mode until further clarification?

All help will be appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: Firefox 46 - Is it fine to update?

Hi LinYu2,
FWIW ~ my FF46 slooow was caused by another program which has now been sorted.
FF46... 32bit / 64bit running okay on my W8.1


Re: Firefox 46 - Is it fine to update?

Hi bjm,

Always in the front line, helping the needy... You're great! 

Many thanks for your prompt response. So, availing myself of your valuable experience, I will then go ahead and click the update button...

Thanks again.

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