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This forum thread needs a solution.


So this latest update has decided to block my from scanner to my computer.  The firewall (when disabled) allows my copier/printer to scan to the folder on my computer but as soon as the firewall is enabled again, there is no communication between copier/printer and computer.

Sure I could always disable the firewall but I don't want to risk a threat!

So, Norton, whatcha think?!



Re: Firewall


This page may help U out.

If you (TRULY) need to turn Smart Firewall off, you should only turn it off for a specified duration, after which it is turned on again automatically.

As to malware protection, you may take a close look at the below posts:

For more info, you may Chat with Norton Support.

Please post back if this or any other comment solves your problem. THX..

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Re: Firewall


Please make sure that the printer itself is listed in the Firewall as well as the .exe files for all the different functions of the printer. You can also try a reset of the Firewall and then try out the printer and all of it's functions and see if they work.


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