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Firewall issues after NAV21 upgrade to NS22

I had less than 20 days remaining on my NAV21 subscription on a Win7 system, so I thought I'd try upgrading to the 30-day trial of Norton Security (not NSB).

The upgrade process completed successfully and all the old settings were maintained in the new version. But as soon as I started to browse with IE11 or Firefox 32.0.3, I ran into firewall problems with most websites that used https protocol, starting with Google. Google's main webpage at www.google.com worked fine, but if I typed search terms directly into the browser's address bar, I would get a Page Not Found error, because Google is using https://www.google.com/search?q=google+test to perform my search.

I couldn't find any settings in the Firewall that solved this problem other than disabling it completely. Both firefox.exe and iexplorer.exe were already on the list of allowed programs on the Program Control tab.

My solution was to uninstall Norton Security without saving any settings. (The Norton Removal Tool has not yet been updated to deal with NS.) I also deleted any and all references to Symantec and Norton from the Program, Program Data and AppData directories, and from the Windows Registry. I also checked that Windows Firewall and Windows Defender were enabled after uninstalling NS.

The reinstall of NS went smoothly, although I was warned that I had already used a free 30-day trial and had to use an existing Product Key from my Norton Account, which happened to be for the 30-day trial. I manually re-entered my preferred settings, and have not run into any further firewall issues with my 2 browsers.

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Re: Firewall issues after NAV21 upgrade to NS22

So, with NAV you were running Windows Firewall.   Did the reinstall of NS disable Windows FW and Defender.

Must have been some glitch with disabling Windows FW with the first install.   What do you think?

Did you do an over the top install of NS

So, you just ignored the warning about having to use a key from your account.  Or, you entered the same trial key.

Thanks for posting your experience.   Curious about the details I asked....


Re: Firewall issues after NAV21 upgrade to NS22

Yes, the reinstall of NS disabled Windows FW and Defender as expected.

I don't have a clue as to what went wrong during the first install of NS. I just installed it over NAV21 (latest update) and let it do its thing, uninstalling NAV and installing NS.

I tended to avoid NIS in the past because I was uncomfortable with its firewall settings, especially when it silently blocked a connection.

During the reinstall I opted to use the key that was already in my account, which just happened to be the trial key which was automatically generated during the first install. Didn't have to enter anything.


Re: Firewall issues after NAV21 upgrade to NS22

Happy to read you're up and running.  

I can only imagine NS Firewall bumped into Windows FW and they had a discussion on who's boss. 

Lets hope your satisfied with NS Firewall....


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