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Firewall Traffic Rules created a lot of rules (about 50)

I just wanted to confirm that it is okay that it created around 50 traffic rules after installing the program. I was worried that Norton was exploited before by someone who had connected to my computer remotely somehow. I think they might have created some of their own firewall rules. I just wanted to make sure the firewall rules that are on Norton right now after installing the program are normal.

I just had my computer wiped with a new installation of Windows 10, so I have barely any other programs on it right now.

I didn't create any of my own rules, but it looks like Norton already has close to 50 rules after installing it.

Is it normal for Norton Security to create around 50 traffic rules on its own after installation?

My other installation of Norton on another computer does not have any of these rules. Both computers run Windows 10 (although one is Pro 64 and one is Home 64), and they both have very similar programs.

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Re: Firewall Traffic Rules created a lot of rules (about 50)

When Norton is first installed, you will see many default firewall rules set up. Most are usually related to Windows functions and protocols that access the internet. Such as Windows updates. And as you use programs that access the internet, more rules are set up for those programs. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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