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Firewall wont Turn On in Action Center

Win 8.1 ... I cannot seem to get the Norton Firewall to turn on in the Action Center. I get messages indicating that I am protected, but selecting to Turn On the Firewall does nothing. I ran Windows Update and tried Mallwaebytes, SuprtAntiV but still the firewall is not coming on. I tried to remove Norton but I found no way to remove/install.

thx, Any advice?

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Re: Firewall wont Turn On in Action Center

MBvR. When you install 3rd party antivirus the Windows Defender firewall, will remain enabled, at least in Windows 10 due to it being a requirement for Windows Updates to function. Your Norton firewall should be enabled by default and cannot be enabled/disabled via the action center in Windows 8.1. Open your Norton user interface and see what the Firewall section has for its settings. If your Norton icon in the system tray has a green check on the orange circular you are not seeing any issues with Norton.

I would also remove the SuprtAntiV software as it will conflict with both Norton and Malwarebytes. Reboot your machine and check your firewall settings again in your Norton UI.


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