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This forum thread needs a solution.

'Fix Now' not running automatically at system start


Since tech support chat was not able to answer or fix the issue, even after remote session with them, I'm hopeful I can find the answer here.

We have Norton Security on 2 PC's (Win 7, Win 10), and 3 laptops (Win 7, Win 7, Win XP).

On all machines, after starting them up, usually after haven't been on it for a day or so, the system tray shows the Norton icon with an exclamation mark. When clicking on it the usual small Norton window opens with 'Attention - Your PC needs to be scanned for viruses and spyware.' and a 'Fix Now' button.

Question: Why would that not run automatically at system start, or at least, run at some point during that session? Is the setting for that buried in some setting I am unable to find?

Thank you,




Re: 'Fix Now' not running automatically at system start

Hi SandS,

I see the same thing on my Vista laptop running Norton Security Premium as I do not use the laptop n a daily basis and sometimes sits there for a week at a time without being turned on.  when it goes a week or longer I in fact get a RED X on my system Icon.  Normally it requires the SDS defs and other defs to be updated (because I missed a week's worth of LiveUpdates)  After the LU's are run and my defs are current sometimes it will revert to the orange exclamation point - because it requires a Quick Scan after a Live Update that provides new defs.

I also see that you are not signed into your Norton Account - not sure if this could have something to do with it?


Re: 'Fix Now' not running automatically at system start

Quick Scan does run automatically, but if you haven't started your PC in a few days, or if you have the Norton idle time delay setting set so high that Quick Scan never gets a chance to run, you will get an alert like this.  I think if you ignore this alert, the Quick Scan will eventually run on its own.

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